Destination weddingsCelebrate your union with Maya Spa

Destination weddings have become a huge trend. A destination wedding can actually end up costing you much less than a hometown ceremony: the obvious fact that not everyone is willing to travel will slim down your guest list. Guests are generally expected to pay for their travel and lodging. Each couple is able to personalize the ceremony and inclusions for pre- and post-wedding activities.

This is a great way to bond with your guests and make your wedding a truly unique occasion!


When planning your beachside wedding in the Caribbean, think about whether you want a Mayan or cosmic wedding ceremony, or whether you want your marriage to be legally recognized.

In Mexico, religious figures do not have the power to legally marry couples, so keep that in mind if you want a legal ceremony. The only person who can perform a legal wedding ceremony is the local justice of the peace, who can come out to the beach to perform a simple legal ceremony that can be combined with a religious or spiritual ceremony before or afterward.


If you are not concerned with having a legal ceremony, or if you plan to have your legal ceremony in your own country, we can suggest some alternative for spiritual ceremonies here on our beach. These are non-denominational ceremonies, but if you belong to a specific church or religious group and would like a religious figure to preside over your service, please contact us for more information. Please note that we need at least two weeks to book the ceremony. If you have a last minute wedding emergency, please contact us anyway and we will try to book it for you.

We have organized and hosted gay weddings, nude weddings, and have ample experience in customizing ceremonies to each couple. Things to consider when planning your destination wedding.

How do I start planning? Request our wedding planner document by e-mail to start the process.

Religious weddings

Check with us if you are interested in having a pastor or priest from your specific religious denomination so we can plan ahead.

Cosmic Wedding ceremonies

It is a ritual of love, with no other commitment than to unite each other for love and as long as the love lasts.

This ceremony takes place before the universal energy, and consists of presenting the couple to the following points: to the superior cosmic energy (masculine), to the mother earth (feminine), to the four directions, using the Mayan order and their names, to the guardians of the place where the ceremony is held, to the center of their own hearts, the temple of love.

The ritual takes place in a circle formed by friends and family, who throw them flowers, play musical instruments, and play the conch shell (music optional, depending on group). Flowers of the four Mayan colors are used: white (representing North), red (East), yellow (South), and violet (West).

Planning your destination wedding

Take time to consider your guest list. Not everyone has the luxury of taking time off work and covering the expense of attending a wedding far from home.

Plan ahead with paperwork: while a legal ceremony is easy to arrange, you will need to fulfill certain requirements beforehand. EcoTulum Weddings can help process paperwork and guide you through this process, but you will need to arrive several days before the ceremony to work out these details.

Please keep in mind that we are in Tulum, a fairly isolated region of the newest state in Mexico. The flowers available for your arrangements will be whatever is currently in season.